In the Paddock

Contributions from managing editor and writer Tom Law.

And snow it begins

The buzz started before the weekend was through. Snow was on the way to upstate New York, a surprising revelation to some even though we live in, ahem, upstate New York.

Once the coffee gets cold

The lights flickered and the screen of my office iMac went dark just after 7:30 a.m. Thursday.

Early spring?

There’s an old saying out there that the cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears or the sea. Someone needs to come up with one about sunshine, too, because as winter set in for good in the Northeast the last few weeks a little bit of the bright stuff is undoubtedly a tonic for anything that ails.

Breeders' Cup memories

They say you always remember your first.

Your first Breeders' Cup, that is.

What was your first?

Thrill of the Chase

Leave it to my great friend, running buddy and former Lexington assistant fire chief Rick Jordan to get philosophical on the roughly 75-mile drive from Lexington to Clermont, Kentucky, last Friday.

It's been a quiet week ...

The singing started about a half hour before the show and it continued for well over an hour after the show.


Everyone talks about pace.

In racing it's early pace, fast pace, slow pace. Pace makes the race. That kind of stuff.

Pharoah fever

The 2015 Triple Crown is nearly a year in the books, the 2016 edition now only days away.

There's a new cast of characters and plenty of familiar names associated with the current crop of 3-year-old stars. There's an undefeated colt with connections who came close to the sweep not that long ago, others trained by past horsemen who've succeeded on America's biggest stage, too. There is interest in the new but make no mistake, there's still plenty of American Pharoah fever to go around in the Bluegrass.

A win for what?

Minutes removed from Spotlight being awarded the Oscar for Best Picture Sunday came the predictable consensus about a film involving hard-nosed investigative journalism being awarded the top prize from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Krakauer on writing

People clutched dog-eared copies of paperbacks and worn-looking hardcovers as they filed into Page Hall on the University at Albany Downtown Campus Tuesday evening.

The books they toted - with titles such as Into The Wild, Into Thin Air, Where Men Win Glory, and Three Cups of Deceit - were as diverse as the people carrying them. Students mixed with retirees, young professionals sat alongside seasoned veterans of the white- and blue-collar workforces.

All-comers meet

About three-quarters of the way through the Wednesday night group run and nearly finishing up the perimeter loop of Skidmore College the reality set in as the words came out of my mouth to a man half my age.

Prine on writing

Want to become a better writer? Better storyteller? Better songwriter? Better anything?

Listen to one of the best.