Racing returned to New York this week and just like he always does, John Shapazian went to work.

The Saratoga Special’s leading handicapper, and frequently the leader among all public handicappers at the Saratoga Race Course meeting, takes a slim lead into the first Saturday of selections from Belmont Park, Churchill Downs and Santa Anita Park.

John leads The Special’s quartet of handicappers heading into Saturday’s stakes-heavy cards with a record of 56-for-171 (32.7 percent). Tom Law sits in second just two back with a 54-for-171 (31.6 percent) record.

Charles Bedard (49-for-171, 28.7 percent) and Rob Whitlock (40-for-171, 23.4 percent) complete the quartet.

So, you might ask, do the handicappers agree on anything Saturday? Consensus seems tough to come by this week but they have Code Of Honor the consensus pick in the Grade 3 Westchester and strong sentiment toward Performer in the Grade 1 Carter, both at Belmont.

The group also leans toward the Bob Baffert-trained first-time starter Cezanne in the sixth race on the Santa Anita Derby Day card. No sneaking up with that one though, considering the son of Curlin sold last year as a 2-year-old for $3.65 million to Coolmore and partners.

Here are the picks for Saturday, June 6. Take care and good luck.


JOHN SHAPAZIAN (56/171, 32.7 percent):
1-Fox Red, No Distortion, Getoffmyback.
2-Passcode, Standup, My Eclair.
3-Dreams Of Tomorrow, Bouna Fina, Pardsy.
4-Z’finale, Petrus, Hightone.
5-Dark Money, Syndergaard, Morning Breez.
6-Instilled Regard, Flop Shot, Social Paranoria.
7-Code Of Honor, Monongahela, Payne.
8-Newspaperofrecord, Rose Flower, Saratoga Treasure.
9-Performer, Mind Control, Firenze Fire.
10-Tale Of Union, Quick Flash, The Last Ace.
11-Mutakaamic, Mr Jaggers, Lonesome Fugitive.

TOM LAW (54/171, 31.6 percent):
1-O Shea Can U See, No Distortion, Fox Red.
2-Bourbon Currency, Just For One Day, Yes And Yes.
3-Dreams Of Tomorrow, Pardsy, Buona Fina.
4-Z’finale, Daring Disguise, Petrus.
5-Syndergaard, Dark Money, Binkster.
6-Synchrony, Flop Shot, Gucci Factor.
7-Code Of Honor, Monongahela, Endorsed.
8-Significant Form, Newspaperofrecord, Viadera.
9-Performer, Mind Control, Still Having Fun.
10-Tale Of The Union, Quickflash, Bulwark.
11-Height, Voodoo Zip, Red Storm Risen.

CHARLES BEDARD (49/171, 28.7 percent):
1-Getoffmyback, Tipsy Moose, O Shea Can U See.
2-Passcode, Charge Ahead, Hide The Ransom.
3-Dreams Of Tomorrow, First Line, Pardsy.
4-Z’finale, Daring Disguise, Scotty Brown.
5-Syndergaard, Dark Money, Binkster.
6-Synchrony, Gucci Factor, Social Paranoia.
7-Code Of Honor, Monongahela, Endorsed.
8-Significant Form, Victim Of Love, Jakarta.
9-Vekoma, Network Effect, American Anthem.
10-Runningwscissors, Financial Stability, Tale Of The Union.
11-Mutakaamil, Voodoo Zip, Turn Of Events.

ROB WHITLOCK (40-for-171, 23.4 percent):
1-Desert Lights, O Shea Can You See, No Distortion.
2-Pass Code, Bourbon Currency, Stand Up.
3-Dreams Of Tomorrow, Pardsy, Buona Fina.
4-Z’finale, High Tone, Michael’s Bad Boy.
5-Morning Breeze, Binkster, Syndergaard.
6-Tribhuvaan, Synchrony, Social Paranoia.
7-Code Of Honor, Endorsed, Mihos.
8-Newspaperofrecord, Significant Form, Rose Flower.
9-Performer, Vekoma, Network Effect.
10-Financialstability, Tale Of The Union, Thorny Tale.
11-Bay Street Money, Ownitifyouwantit, Lonesome Fugitive.



1-Sedamar, Super Patriot, Pulpit Rider.
2-Exhaulting, Sonic Brees, Herd Immunity.
3-Silken Prince, Kneedeepinsnow, Dreams Of Valor.
4-She’s So Special, Rookie Mistake, Phantom Boss.
5-Merneith, Swiss Skydiver, Speech.
6-Cezanne, Brazen, Mystery Man.
7-Ward ‘n Jerry, Cono, Prince Earl.
8-Authentic, Azul Coast, Shooters Shoot.
9-Hariboux, Liar Liar, Heywoods Beach.
10-Midcourt, Improbable, Parsimony.
11-Dim Lights, Li'l Grazen, Time For Ebby.

1-Super Patriot, Warren’s Showtime, Cordiality.
2-Exhalting, Okudah, Rombauer.
3-Horse Greedy, Kneedeepinsnow, It’s Tiz Time.
4-She’s So Special, Rookie Mistake, El Tigre Terrible.
5-Swiss Skydiver, Speech, Merneith.
6-Cezanne, Mystery Man, Rayray.
7-Ward ‘n Jerry, Lieutenant Dan, Prince Earl.
8-Honor A. P., Authentic, Shooters Shoot.
9-Hariboux, Heywoods Beach, K P All Systems Go.
10-Midcout, Tenfold, Higher Power.
11-Homehome, Dim Lights, Li’l Grazen.

1-Super Patriot, Sedamar, Pulpit Rider.
2-Foxborough, Exhalting, Sonic Brees.
3-Kneedeepinsnow, Silken Prince, It’s Tiz Time.
4-She’s So Special, El Tigre Terrible, Phantom Boss.
5-Swiss Skydiver, Speech, Merneith.
6-Rayray, Cezanne, Charlito.
7-Prince Earl, Ward ‘n Jerry, King Abner.
8-Authentic, Honor A. P., Friar’s Road.
9-Hariboux, Constitutionaffair, K P All Systems Go.
10-Higher Power, Midcourt, Improbable. 
11-Time For Ebby, Silk From Heaven, Homehome. 

1-Super Patriot, Warren’s Showtime, Hollywood Hills.
2-Rombauer, Exalting, Herd Immunity.
3-Horse Greedy, It’s Tiz Time, Kneedeepinsnow.
4-Thanks Mr. Edison, El Tigre Terrible, Rookie Mistake.
5-Speech, Swiss Skydiver, Merneith.
6-Cezanne, Brazen, Mystery Man.
7-Oliver, Prince Earl, Ward ‘n Jerry.
8-Honor A.P., Authentic, Friar’s Road.
9-Heyeoods Beach, Hariboux, Liar Liar.
10-Tenfold, Improbable, Higher Power.
11-Homehome, Dim Lights, Takethediamondlane.



1-Lady By Choice, Liz’s Cable Girl, Take Charge Erica.
2-Sunny Isle Beach, Bossy Moment, Decaf.
3-Another Broad, Vexatious, Gentle Ruler.
4-Island Song, Fantasy, Brother Aaron.
5-Baudette Blizzard, Queen’s Mason, Ugo.
6-House Limit, Laddie Boy, Conquest Lemonraid.
7-Tipsy Gal, Kapiolini, America’s Surprise.
8-Volatile, Honest Mischief, Heartwood.
9-Cardiac Kitten, Alfie Solomons, High Crime.
10-Egdeway, Four Graces, Ain’t No Elmers.
11-Sport’n Forty, Queen Medb, Urbana.

1-Lady By Choice, Unfading Beauty, Liz’s Cable Girl.
2-Sunny Isle Beach, Decaf, Ambitiously Placed.
3-Gentle Ruler, Romantic Pursuit, Juliana.
4-Fantastry, Litany, Brother Aaron.
5-Baudette Blizzard, Magic Man’s Touch, Ugo.
6-Conquest Lemonraid, House Limit, One Mean Man.
7-It’s Mine, America’s Surprise, Tipsy Gal.
8-Bobby’s Wicked One, Seven Nation Army, Volatile.
9-Alfie Solomons, High Crime, Ikeisgreat.
10-Edgeway, Magic Dance, Four Graces.
11-Queen Medb, Sport’n Forty, Urbana.

1-Lady By Choice, Liz’s Cable Girl, Take Charge Erica.
2-Bossy Moment, Decaf, I’ll Make It Coach.
3-Gentle Ruler, Another Broad, Vexatious.
4-Brother Aaron, Whiskey Chaser, Litany.
5-Baudette Blizzard, Queen’s Mason, Ugo.
6-House Limit, Candy Carlos, Pinson.
7-Skinny Dip, Tipsy Gal, America’s Surprise.
8-Bobby’s Wicked One, Honest Mischief, Volatile.
9-American Mandate, Cardiac Kitten, Ace Destroyer.
10-Four Graces, Edgeway, Ain’t No Elmers.
11-Urbana, Queen Medb, Golden Loch.

1-Unfading Beauty, Holly Go Lightly, Liz’s Cable Girl.
2-Bossy Moment, Sunny Isle Beach, Decaf.
3-Another Broad, Vexatious, Overthinking.
4-Island Song, Brother Aaron, Mobilization.
5-Magic Mans Touch, Ugo, Baudette Blizzard.
6-House Limit, Conquest Lemonraid, Altito.
7-Tipsy Gal, It’s Mine, Skinny Dip.
8-Honest Mischief, Bobby’s Wicked One, Volatile.
9-My Man Flintstone, High Crime, Ace Destroyer.
10-Ain’t No Elmers, Edgeway, Magic Dance.
11-Urbana, Golden Loch, Stand Tall.