Here we go, time to make or break. Last chance saloon if you will and the final opportunity for The Saratoga Special’s handicappers to score some mythical cash.

The Belmont Stakes Day Bankroll Challenge marks the fourth mythical wagering contest of the 2021 Triple Crown season, following others for the Kentucky Oaks, Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes programs. We’ll give the handicappers another $200 mythical bankroll to play Saturday’s stakes-heavy card at Belmont Park topped by the 153rd running of the Belmont Stakes.

The handicappers will need a bit more luck than they’ve conjured up in prior challenges. The race to come out with a positive return on investment is on and Tom Law holds the “edge” so far with losses of $54.40 from starting bankrolls of $100 for the Oaks and $200 apiece for the Derby and Preakness.

Rob Whitlock sits second at -$96 with John Shapazian right on his heels at -$98. Charles Bedard needs a Hail Mary at -$288.80.  

Here are the plays for Saturday. Good luck.

John Shapazian
Race 11: $200 Win 2-Essential Quality.

Rob Whitlock
Race 1: $5 Win/Place 8-Too Much Action.
Race 2: $10 Win/Place 7-King James.
Race 3: $5 Win 5-Tulane Tryst.
Race 4: $2 Trifecta Box 2-Ry’s The Guy 4-Rocketry 7-Ajaaweed.
Race 6: $5 Exacta part wheel 8-Gregorian Chant with 6-Bound For Nowhere 1-Chewing Gum. $1 Trifecta Box 1-6-8.
Race 7: $30 Win 1-Shedaresthedevil.
Race 8 $30 Win 8-Althiqa.
Race 9: $2 Trifecta Box 1-Mischievous Alex 2-Dr Post 5-By My Standards.
Race 10: $20 Win/Place 9-Gufo.
Race 11: $10 Win 7-Rock Your World. $5 Trifecta 7-Rock Your World 2-Essential Quality 4-Hot Rod Charlie. $5 Exacta 7-Rock Your World 2-Essential Quality.

Charles Bedard
Race 4: $1 Pick 3 5,6,8 / 1,4,6 / 1,7,8.
Race 5: $3 Daily Double 1,4,6 / 1,7,8.
Race 6: $3 Exacta Box 1,7,8,11.
Race 8: $7 Exacta Box 2,5,8.
Race 8: $8 Win 8.
Race 11: $5 Exacta Box 2,3,4,6.

Tom Law
Race 1: $20 Win 4-Wit.
Race 3: $10 Win/Place 1-Nova Rags.
Race 4: $10 Win/Place 5-Musical Heart.
Race 5: $10 Exacta Box 4-Dayoutoftheoffice 6-Search Results.
Race 6: $5 Exacta Box 11-Got Stormy 12 Sombeyay. $5 Win/Place 11-Got Stormy.
Race 8: $1 Exacta Box 1-Zofelle 3-Daddy Is A Legend 6-Pocket Square 9-Summer Romance 11-Blowout.
Race 9: $10 Win/Place 5-By My Standards.
Race 10: $10 Win/Place Domestic Spending. $10 Daily Double 4-Domestic Spending with 2-Essential Quality 6-Known Agenda.
Race 11: $10 Exacta Box 2-Essential Quality 6-Known Agenda.