The Inside Rail

I catch myself saying it, thinking it, pondering it. We should be...

We should be cheering on the winner of the Iroquois. We should be singing My Old Kentucky Home at the Derby. We should be looking across the infield on a beautiful spring day at Keeneland. We should be watching the timber feature at Willowdale. We should be driving a mile up the road to Middleburg. We should be watching the final round of the Masters. We should be at George's birthday dinner. We should be playing Little League. We should be welcoming my parents to Grandparent's Day. We should be driving to dinner in Middleburg, The Plains, Upperville, Marshall. We should be laughing...we should be traveling...we should be together...

My friend George Baker wrote one of the best "We Should Be" columns about one of his favorite places, the Iroquois Steeplechase and Nashville, Tenn. 

Read it here.


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