In the Paddock

Contributions from managing editor and writer Tom Law.

1,000-mile Challenge

Every year the goal stays the same. Get in better shape, put in 100 miles a month and make it 1,200 (or more) for the year.

Coach J.

We never called him The Big Unit.

Weird World

Think back to high school or college. No, no, no, not the fun part. The part when you’re sitting in a warm classroom at the end of the spring semester and about to start an exam you feel fairly well prepared to take.

Now, imagine taking that same test and knowing you’re not going to pass after the first question. 


Everything – except horse racing, thankfully and a shout out to our advertisers and readers – remains on hold. 

Henry Street Taproom

Come see your friends. Or is it #comeseeyourfriends?

Friend of the game

If you ever crossed paths with Ashton Moynihan consider yourself lucky.

At The Movies

Carl Nafzger walked down Ludlow Street toward Madison Avenue and the Fasig-Tipton sales grounds the afternoon of Aug. 2 – not long after the 2019 Hall of Fame ceremony he attends every year as an inductee himself in 2008. A catalog from the Fasig-Tipton Saratoga select sale in hand, Nafzger went to check out a few yearlings that afternoon before ending his annual Saratoga sojourn.

Water, water everywhere

The looks on the faces of the two men standing on the sidewalk here on Circular Street said it all, after this writer attempted to make light about water percolating out of the ground the morning after the Super Bowl.

The Streak

Rolling out of bed this morning and the first thing to do – even before pouring that first cup of coffee – was ask Alexa the current temperature.

Farewell Friend

Rick Violette passed away more than a month ago. That still seems difficult to believe, let alone write. The news of Rick’s passing trickled in the afternoon of Oct. 21 through the usual channels, by phone calls from friends, social media or news reports online, and hit the game hard.